Tigris portrait
Name Tigris
Manufacturer Union Steel
Type Tiger
Combat Style Close Combat/Hit and Away
Wave 6
Core Unit [TIG:Tigris]
Body [TIG Type] US4TI
Voice Actress Kana Ueda


Main ComponentsEdit

  • Core Unit (コアユニット) [TIG:TIGRIS]
  • Sotai (素体 - Body) [Tora Kata(寅型, Tiger Type)] US4TI


  • Metsusō (滅爪, Destroying Claws)
  • Shuten (朱天, Vermillion Heaven)
  • Fūjin (風神) x 2
  • Raijin (雷神) x 2
  • Goku Enma (極閻魔) x 2
  • Honōtoratsume (炎虎甲, Flame Tiger Armor)


  • honō 炎機襲
  • honō 炎護心
  • Honōmaiashi (炎舞脚, Flame Dancing Legs) L/R
  • US4TI Tiger Tail (タイガーテイル)
  • Honōtoratsume (炎虎甲, Flame Tiger Armor)
  • honō 炎装殻 L/R
  • US4TI Tiger Ears (タイガーイヤー)


寅 (tora), Tigris' type, is the kanji for the Sign of the Tiger rather then the animal. 甲 is armor OR claw.


Tigris has a running theme involving Oni as well as tigers. Oni are traditionally shown in red, and wearing tiger-fur as clothing. 朱天 (shuten) is a reference to Shuten-Dōji (酒呑童子), a notorious Oni in folklore. The gods Fūjin and Raijin, are also Oni. Enma is a judge of the dead, and traditionally paired with Oni assistants.

The Tiger and the Ox are traditionally regarded as the two 'northeast' animals in the Chinese Zodiac, and thus are often paired together. This direction is known as kimon (demon gate), but is also nicknamed ushitora (ox tiger)