Benio portrait
Name Benio
Manufacturer The Sixth Factory
Type Samurai
Combat Style Variable Armored Close Combat (Japanese Style)
Wave 3
Core Unit [SAM:Benio]
Body [Samurai Type] T6FS60
Voice Actress Mai Kadowaki


Main ComponentsEdit

Core Unit [SAM:BENIO] (コアユニット)
Body [Samurai Type] (素体[侍型], sotai [samurai kata])


Hajakenshō (破邪顕正, eng. Crushing evil and spreading the truth)
Ikotenyuko (為虎添翼, eng. Adding wings to a tiger)
Entetsukotsuzui (怨徹骨髄, eng. Resentment Penetrates Down to my Marrow)
Kienbanjō (気炎万丈, eng. 10,000 Mile Spirit Flame)


Saya (Ikotenyuko) (鞘, eng. Scabbard)
Saya (Entetsukotsuzui) (鞘, eng. Scabbard)
Akane no Muneate kyū Haori (茜之胸当及羽織, eng. Madder-red Chest Guard and Jacket)
Akane no Kusazuri (茜之草摺, eng. Madder-red Tassets)
Akane no Katate (茜之肩当, eng. Madder-red Epaulets)
Akane no Hachimaki (茜之鉢巻, Madder-red Headband)
Suō no Dō (蘇芳之胴, eng. Sappanwood-red Breastplate)
Suō no Katate (蘇芳之肩当, eng. Sappanwood-red Tassets)
Suō no Kusazuri (蘇芳之草摺, eng. Sappanwood-red Epaulets)
Suō no Sode (蘇芳之袖, Sappanwood-red Sleeves)
Suō no Momoate (蘇芳之腿当, Sappanwood-red Thigh Guards)
Suō no Kabuto (蘇芳之兜, eng. Sappanwood-red Helmet)
Suō no Kabuto & Nodowa (蘇芳之兜&喉輪, eng. Sappanwood-red Helmet and Throat Guard)
Gaki no Menpō (餓鬼之面頬, Ghoulish Faceguard)
Kuren no Kote (紅蓮之籠手, Crimson Lotus-red Gauntlets)
Suzaku no Suneate (朱雀之臑当 L/R, Vermillion-Bird Shin Guards)
Hair Parts: Okappa [BENIO] (ヘアパーツ:おかっぱ, Eng. Bobbed hair)



The characters for Benio's (紅緒) name can read as 'Red Cord'. Various shades of red are a recurring motif for Benio's equipment.


Benio's weapons are all based on idioms, and may have figurative as well as literal meanings. Four character expressions like these are often allusions to famous poems.
Ikotenyuko (為虎添翼) - "Helping a dangerous thing to be more dangerous"
Entetsukotsuzui (怨徹骨髄) - "To hate something to the core of your being"
Kienbanjō (気炎万丈) - "To be boisterous and in high spirits"


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