Maochao portrait
Name Maochao
Manufacturer Kemotech
Type Cat
Combat Style Close Combat (Specialised)
Wave 2
Body [CAT Type] KT36C1
Voice Actress Mai Hashimoto


Main ComponentsEdit

Core Unit [CAT:MAOCHAO] (コアユニット)
Body [Cat Type] (素体[猫型], sotai [neko kata])


Yán Zhuǎ (研爪「ヤンチャオ」, yanchao, eng. Grinding Claws)
Fáng Bì (防壁「ファンビー」, fanbī, eng. Defending Wall)
Xuán Yá (旋牙「シャンヤ」, shanya, eng. Revolving Tooth)
Petit Machines [TYPE:CAT] (プチマスィ~ンズ, puchi masiinzu, eng. Small Machines])

NOTES: Maochao's weapons can only be used when her upper armor is on. And when it is on, she can only use her own weapons.


Zhēng Shàngyī (争上衣「ツェンシャンイー」, tsenshanī, eng. Fighting Jacket)
Tiān Wǔ Xuē (天舞靴「ティアンウーシェ」, tianūshe, eng. Heaven Dancing Boots)
Tiě ěr Zhuāng (鉄耳装「ティエアールツァン」, tieārutsan, eng. Iron Ears Attire)
KT36C1 Cat Tail (キャットテイル)


Most of Maochao's equipment is named in Chinese.

Maochao's NameEdit

Maochao's name can be read in Mandarin as 'Graceful Cat'.
猫, māo, Cat
綽, chāo, Graceful


Maochao's Shinki.Net Profile

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