In the game, CSC Cores are what make up the AI of Busou Shinki. To the players, though, they are more a way to build a Shinki in a specific way so that the Shinki will grow with certain stats increasing more than others, or to excel in levels or abilities. There are many different CSC Cores that do different things.

How to get CSC CoresEdit

When you get a new Shinki (through the access code or SPT purchase), four basic CSC cores (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Topaz) will be added to your inventory.

Various achievements (both repeatable and non-repeatable) also rewards different CSC cores upon completion.

All CSC cores can be exchanged to/from gems through Shinki Shop at different exchange ratio.

In most of the events, such as Summer/Winter Festa, various CSC cores were given (often at random) as rewards for completing a (often repeatable) stage.

Platinum card users can re-visit given past events and complete stages for various CSC cores.

List of CSC CoresEdit

Single Status Increasing CSC CoresEdit

Single status increasing CSC cores will increase a stat faster than stats without status boosting cores.

01Ruby Ruby - Increases attack.

02Sapphire Sapphire - Increases accuracy.

03Emerald Emerald - Increases dodge.

04Topaz Topaz - Increases guard.

Double Status Increasing CSC CoresEdit

Double status increasing cores increase the Shinki's status like the single status increasing cores, but while not increasing to the same extent, they will help increase two different statuses. These CSC cores will also decrease the two statuses that they don't improve.

05Garnet Garnet - Increases both attack and accuracy.

06Bloodstone Bloodstone - Increases both accuracy and dodge.

08Lapislazuli Lapis Lazuli - Increases both attack and guard.

Other CSC CoresEdit

These CSC cores are more complex than the stat increasing ones, and come with various different traits.

07Aquamarine Aquamarine - Increases under water performance.

09Peridot Peridot - Increases night vision.

10Malachite Malachite - Increases mobility.

11Amethyst Amethyst - Increases SP growth.

12Onyx Onyx - Increases LP growth.

13Zircon Zircon - Increases weight. (Reduces movement and knockback. Better in low gravity environment.)

14Opal Opal - Increases performance in multiple environments (under water, in darkness and in low gravity).

15Moonstone Moonstone - Increases attack, accuracy, dodge and guard.

16Diamond Diamond - Raises the Shinki's maximum level by 30 or 60 levels; will also decrease status growth on everything.

17Jade Jade - Increases stun resistance and one status.

18Amber Amber - Increases knockdown resistance and one status.

19BlackOpal Black opal - Increases both LP and SP growth.

20CatsEye Cat's eye - Increases mobility and one status.

CSC cores exchange rateEdit

CSC To Gem From Gem
Ruby (ルビー) 1 2
Sapphire (サファイア) 1 2
Emerald (エメラルド) 1 2
Topaz (トパーズ) 1 2
Garnet (ガーネット) 1 2
Bloodstone (ブラッドストーン) 1 2
Aquamarine (アクアマリン) 1 2
Lapis Lazuli (ラピスラズリ) 1 2
Peridot (ペリドット) 5 10
Malachite (マラカイト) 5 10
Amethyst (アメジスト) 5 10
Onyx (オニキス) 5 10
Zircon (ジルコン) 10 20
Opal (オパール) 10 20
Moonstone (ムーンストーン) 30 50
Diamond (ダイヤモンド) 30 50
Jade (ジェード) 10 20
Amber (アンバー) 10 20
Black opal (ブラックオパール) 30 50
Cat's eye (キャッツアイ) 30 50