ItemCR122p1 1
Official Werkstra Artwork
Name Werkstra
Manufacturer Frontline
Type Angel Commando
Combat Style Dagger / Rifle
Wave Light Armor 1
Body [Angel Commando Type]FL014
Variations Angel Commando Werkstra Type B
Voice Actress Haruka Tomatsu

A light-armor Shinki that was designed and developed as a production model of Arnval.


Main ComponentsEdit

Core Unit [AGC:WERKSTRA] (コアユニット)
Body [Angel Commando Type] (素体[天使コマンド型], Sotai [tenshi komando kata])


Alvo GB1 Gun Mount Blade (アルヴォGB1ガンマウントブレイド)
Alvo PDW11 (アルヴォPDW11)
SLUM High Maneuver AI Missile (SLUM-ハイマニューバAIミサイル)


Jump Booster AAS9 (ジャンプブースターAAS9)
Anero 2 /type L (アネーロ2 /typeL)
FLO14 Chest Armor (FLO14 チェストアーマー)
FLO14 Leg Armor (FLO14 レッグアーマー)
FLO14 Guard Shield (FLO14 ガードシールド)
FLO14 Stabiliser Wings (FLO14 スタビライザーウィング)
Hair Parts: Katyusha [WERKSTRA] (ヘアパーツ:カチューシャ[WERKSTRA])

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